Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Simple Kitchen Tips for bright results

Kitchen cleaning tips

  • For Blocked Kitchen Sink : 

           Mix caustic soda with water and boil it..Pour the liquid in the sink.to clear the block. in your                sink.

  • For wiping oil on the floor:

          Spread wheat flour on the surface where oil is spilled.After few  minutes wipe off the mixture             with a dry cloth.

  • To remove stain due to coffee decotion:

          Use vinegar and salt to clean the stains because of coffee decotion in the vessel.

  • Convert bad odour to fragnance:
          Mix vinegar,salt and water in a bowl and boil the same in the oven for 1 minute  to eradicate               bad odour in the micro wave oven.

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